Stop procrastinating, start creating

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Do people still send Christmas cards?

December 2017, present day Should I still be sending Christmas cards? Based on the number I receive, the answer would be a resounding ‘no Kate, why don’t you instead spend …

What we're on about

If you feel like you’re procrastinating, it’s because there’s something else you’re supposed to be doing and we both know, until you go do that thing, you’ll never be satisfied.

People who procrastinate are not lazy or un-motivated, they simply have vague goals, a limited knowledge of planning, or just lack a decent creative routine. For some, fear can even be the reason they stop working on a creative project. Stop Procrastinating - Start Creating is a new online course designed to help people who want to be creative but somehow end up watching two seasons of the Golden Girls instead of working at what they love...

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