the leftovers s03e05 matt


The Leftovers season 3 episode 5 recap

0 Comments 15 May 2017

The line between faith and stubborn ignorance is once more explored in Episode 5 of the 3rd and final season of The Leftovers which focusses on holy man Matt’s quest to get Kevin back to the town of Miracle for the seventh anniversary of the departure (and possible Rapture). Convinced that the day of reckoning […]

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dawson's creek 90's


How we did TV in the 90’s

0 Comments 29 November 2016

‘Have you seen Westworld?’ ‘Only the first two episodes, don’t tell me what happens! What about Black Mirror, do you watch that?’ ‘Nah, is that the one with Winona Ryder in it? ‘No. That’s Stranger Things.’ And so went the discussion with my mates in the band last night while we were setting up for […]

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How far would you go for a rare record?

3 Comments 27 November 2016

In the age of the internet often it can seem as if everything is only a click or two away. Need someone to deliver a curry at 1am? Just use Uber Eats.  Need someone to come and wash the windows while you hide out a cafe looking at stuff on Pinterest and feeling guilty about […]

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Cinema streamlining

0 Comments 18 November 2016

I think we all agree – the cinema experience could be streamlined a bit, starting with the omission of the world’s most redundant question: ‘Where would you like to sit’? There is, and always has been, only one answer to this question. You know it. So does the person behind the counter asking the question… […]

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Housewifery Handbook


VIDEO: Housewifery Handbook from 1952

0 Comments 14 November 2016

What can we learn from a Housewifery Handbook published in 1952? We decided to get together for a coffee at Dear Abbey today and find out… Without going into too much detail (unlike the book which has a whole chapter devoted to dust) let’s just say it’s a comprehensive guide to running a clean and […]

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Seinfeld tickets


Anticipation Fatigue

1 Comment 08 November 2016

Drop everything, Jerry Seinfeld is coming to town. ‘Oh my god, gotta get tickets!’ ‘How good is Seinfeld?’ ‘This is gonna be amazing!’ ‘Roll on… August 2017’?!! What is the deal with tickets for a show going on sale 9 months out? With lead times this long, how can we not suffer anticipation fatigue? For […]

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Shoes without socks

4 Comments 04 November 2016

You wouldn’t want to own shares in socks right now would you? You know… socks? Those cotton things we used to wear on our feet? They used to be quite highly regarded. People used to say ‘pull your socks up’ as though it was something to aspire towards. I wore my first pair of socks […]

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Why Channel 7’s coverage makes you wish you were at Melbourne Cup

0 Comments 01 November 2016

Why are there 100,000 people at Flemington for the 2016 Melbourne Cup you may ask… Are there that many horse racing enthusiasts in Melbourne? Or does everyone go to avoid watching in on Channel 7? There are certainly some aspects of their coverage that could be improved… 1. The Birdcage I’m sure when you’re in […]

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Do you remember Sweet Valley High?

0 Comments 31 October 2016

How old are you now? I’m guessing if you’re a woman of a certain age (say old enough to have had a bus driver punch your paper ticket on the way to school but not quite old enough to understand negative gearing or the popularity of Pauline Hansen) you’ll remember the Sweet Valley High series […]

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Abandoning a crap story

0 Comments 28 October 2016

On friday night I bore witness to a most rare and under utilised skill. A friend of mine was halfway through a telling lengthy story when he recognised he’d lost his audience. It’s a horrible feeling isn’t it but what can you do? Well, incredibly, my mate had the presence of mind to abandon the […]

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Dating a Bachelor contestant

Added on 09 September 2015

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Fans of Bachelor watch the show and laugh right?.. I hope so because otherwise Channel 10 is going to be responsible for spawning a generation of people with completely pretty warped expectations of dating. These people are going to feel betrayed when their first date that doesn’t finish at a romantic, candle lit table inside a […]

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