10 Chinese cars you’ve never seen before

Yesterday I took a day trip to China with my Mum and sister who were keen to check out the artists village in Dafen. The highlight was watching a guy with a copy of a Rembrandt… painting a copy of a Rembrandt. Visiting China is more like visiting another planet than visiting another country. Nothing is familiar. There’s no KFC, just some sort of Bruce Lee endorsed noodle chain. People have english slogans on their t shirts but they say things like ‘cool is a kind of life’ and everyone is driving around in a whole bunch of Chinese cars I’ve never seen before.

I assume this is a knock off of the Bat Mobile:

Cars with a star motif seemed to be in high demand:

Are these car makers logos Chinese horoscope inspired?

How can they have all these cars I’ve never seen?

And finally, I know this is a ferrari (photo taken back in Hong Kong) but I bet you’ve never seen a blue one before. Why would you do that? A subtle protest against Chinese oppression or just a horrible decision?

Do you recognise any of the chinese cars in this post? Leave a comment below…


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