2014 Brownlow Medal musings

Let’s start with an hour of television that makes the Brownlow Medal Count seem exciting…

Red Carpet

What did you make of Daniel Giansiracusa’s TV debut? According to Hamish McLauchlin, Gia started slowly but really warmed up. I thought he had a howler. ‘Who’s fitted you out’? Was an ordinary first question to Rachel Finch.

Gary Ablett said his partner took ‘half a day’ to get ready. Can that be right? I know it takes time to get your hair done ladies but how can it possibly take ‘half a day’ to put a dress and some heels on? Rachel Finch asked almost every woman she spoke to how her dress ‘came together’ so it must be quite a science. I have to admit, Bec Judd’s dress did look quite technical. I don’t think she could sit down in it. She probably had to lie down in the back of the station wagon on the way to Crown.

Gabi Grecko provided a shock on the Red Carpet, her dress designed by Tim Burton I’m guessing. But the biggest shock was Travis Cloke’s revelation that his Mum ‘helps him with the cleaning’ at home.

The Event

The In Memorandum tribute to Tom Hafey and Dean Bailey was nice but did anyone notice the montage was cut to The Proclaimers 80s anthem ‘500 Miles’? I know it was a moody, hipster version of the song but… The Proclaimers? I’m now considering updating my funeral plans to include a nice acoustic cover of ‘Walk The Dinosaur’.

Speaking of 80s music. What about Pseudo Echo opening proceedings?

Here’s a lovely memory I have from the Brownlow Medal. Always good to enjoy a relaxing night with your friends and peers.

The Count

Can someone explain to me what the five people sitting alongside Gillon McLachlan were doing all night? They did an excellent job of looking busy, I just can’t imagine what they were doing. Perhaps they are living the George Costanza ‘look like you’re busy’ mantra but if Gill needs to do some cost cutting, I’d start here.

Gillon was certainly ruthless with the pace of delivery? Did he have somewhere he needed to be at 10:00?

Matt Priddis

Nice guy and a win for ‘Soul Glo’ hair product.

What did you think of Seven’s coverage of the 2014 Brownlow Medal? Leave a comment below…

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