Jeff’s 80s footy records

I don’t know why I always come to Kate for help when I’m trying to de- clutter. Her advice seems to always be ‘keep it. It’s not worth anything… but it’s got sentimental value’ which leaves me with a house full of crap. What will she make of the huge pile of old footy records from the 80’s that are taking up space in my study I wonder? Watch the video below to find out.

The 80’s footy record does contain some crucial historical information. Did you know, for example, that in the early 80’s you could catch a helicopter from the Dorset Gardens Hotel in Croydon to Waverley Park for 40 bucks? (figure not adjusted for inflation). Did you know Venture ran a special for a limited time in 1984 on Collingwood bed linen? Do you remember when cigarette advertising was cool and not a picture of a deformed foot?

Do you have any fond memories for the old footy records from the 80’s? Leave a comment below…


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