Adult Colouring

As you know, I’m often right out front with new trends. Sure for a while I thought Taylor Swift was a brand of clothes designed for the larger lady but when it comes to Adult Colouring, I have been cool for years.

Probably I never knew to call it Adult Colouring as it was simply colouring in that I did as a kid except when most people packed away their Crayola Caddies, I lugged mine into a share house in North Fitzroy along with my Nevermind CD.

I used to try and find books of geometric prints designed for architects or design students, then the internet allowed me to print out Colouring In pages right in my loungeroom. I could colour in anything I wanted and for a little while as I sat with my 72 beautifully kept Derwents, everything was calm in my world.

Turns out I am also awesome at science and as this other article better explains, colouring in can be used as a mindfulness practice that actually reduces anxiety. Sure you will have the social anxiety that comes from liking something not a lot of other people like, but we’re still a safe distance from dressing up as an adult baby or taking Big Ted out to Nando’s for a bite to eat.

Now I just need your thoughts on these particular vexed colouring in issues:

Is it ever OK to go outside the lines?

Should you ever share your good colouring in pencils with anyone?



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