Ash and Camilla MKR

Paris, Texas

Last night it seemed we were a long way from France and just like the bloke in the film of the same name, we were wandering around in the desert trying to get our bearings for quite some time.

It was Ash and Camilla’s turn to cook. The ‘socialites’, which is odd as I don’t imagine Lilian Frank ever slaving away over a hot fish pot – isn’t that what Peter Rowland is for? And these socialites seem to have to work to support their socialising – well one works and the other one studies (unfortunately not French cooking).

Luckily for them, Kat, the sore loser from Perth was trying to turn everyone vegetarian and yelling at the little girl in the pretty pink party dress. This seemed to cause such a distraction that everyone forgot they hated eating raw meat and just thought to themselves ‘oh well when in France’… (or wherever it is we are).

Kat also tried to throw in a bit of the old – ‘looks like shop bought bread everyone! Everyone?’ and Manu just gave her a withering look which seemed to say ‘Hey honey, if I cooked ravioli like you did, I’d be heading straight for the LaTina.’ Breadgate averted.

While Ash has a lot of funny sayings and some of the editing can make her seem like she’s just about to tot off to coffee with Pru and Trude, last night we saw a little more substance. She knew her stuff with the bought fish stock, the heavy handed addition of the lemon juice to the steak tartare mix (hey even I knew that!) and she knew she’d buggered up the faux boulabaise with her zesting frenzy. Dare I say it, I was so disoriented, I started to like her. What am I saying? I’m supposed to hate these women!

Just in the nick of time, Camilla (surely that can’t be her real name) gave everyone a little speech in French which went down like a French nuke at a seaside atol and mentioned her trips to France. Ah yes, boasting about international travel to Australians makes you about as popular as a poo in a punchbowl ladies.  I was laying bets she either went on a Contiki to gay Paris or followed around as her Year 10 teacher held an umbrella in the air while she and her school chums begged to be able to ditch the rest of the historic sites and head to Zara to buy some more pastel coloured button up shirts.
In the end, I was pleased that we had arrived at some seemingly delicious faux French food. And what a relief to think that Misery and Co. are still on the bottom of the leader board. Now it’s off to Toorak library ladies to look up ‘Mastering the Art of French cooking’. Bonjour.
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