Australia Zoo animals – what to expect

Australia Zoo animals – what to expect
My 3 park super pass expired over the new year period so I decided to pay a visit to Australia Park Zoo. The admission price does seem a bit steep ($59) but I got a full days entertainment and took some great photos. Steve Irwin’s sense of enthusiasm and fun is still evident everywhere you go in the park. The animals are treated like kings. They seem to have more open space than a regular zoo and they’re fed very well. I saw a Kimodo Dragon munching on a salad that was better than the lunch I bought myself at the kiosk.

If you’re thinking of going, here are some observations from my day there.

1. The Crocodile show is brilliant. I saw a Croc named Graham. Despite having an accountant’s name, this 300kg reptile turns in a breath taking performance. There’s an inescapable sadness in the ‘Crocoseum’, you can’t help but reflect on the life of Steve Irwin. This was his theatre. The performers can only really try and do a faithful impersonation of the ‘Crocodile Hunter’. It must have been amazing to see him perform there.

2. Use the shuttle bus. The animal enclosures are a generous size so it’s more walking than Wet ’n’ Wild but at least it keeps the otherwise deadly array of animals relatively happy.


3. You can get up and close with a Koala which is very exciting. They’re not all that keen on pushy international tourists though


6. It’s purely coincidental that the new Bindi’s Island attraction features animals made famous by Disney’s Madagascar Franchise.

walk of fame

7. The term ‘Walk Of Fame’ is used very loosely at Australia Zoo. Quade Cooper should lock down his spot in the Wallabies line up before he starts accepting ‘Walk Of Fame’ nominations. As for Steve Jacobs, I’m not sure he would make an ‘All Together Now’ Walk Of Fame…

kid in croc mouth

8. Parents that like to fantasise about their children being eaten by large deadly mammals are particularly well catered for at Australia Zoo.

cat on a leash

9. It’s not just me, the Australia Zoo trainers can’t convince their cat to walk on a lead either.

Have you been to Australia Zoo? What did you think? Leave a comment below.


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