Australian Fanatics embarrass us at Wimbledon

I wasn’t the only Aussie at Wimbledon today. Nick Kygrios won easily, Sam Stosur was impressive and Lleyton Hewitt farewelled Wimbledon with one more tough 5 set match which he eventually lost to Jarkko Nieminen. Our players did us proud at Wimbledon today but unfortunately The Fanatics let us down.

The Fanatics are a small travelling band of Aussie sports fans who go to any and every sporting event that involves Australian participants to passionately cheer them on. I think there was a time when the Fanatics were cool but sadly that day has passed.

I’m all for Aussies making a nuisance of themselves overseas. I kicked the footy everyday for a month with a mate in the crowded Toulouse Capitole Square while on my French exchange in year 9. Even I, however, found the performance of a piece from the Fanatics song book after every one of Lleyton’s winners today was a bit much. They made the match more about themselves than Llyeton’s Wimbledon farewell.

At the risk of sounding like Mark Holden judging a talent show, their song choice also really let them down today. Their radical adaption of Beatles classic Hey Jude deep into the 5th set really missed the mark. (Nah, nah, nah, nahnahnahnah, nahnahnahnah… Lley… ton). I suspect Lleyton threw in the towel in the end so he didn’t have to hear ‘Sargent Llyeton’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’ or whatever was to come next.

I don’t know who is coming up with these songs (it’s definitely not Burt Bacharach) but The Fanatics need to get back to tin tacs. We’ve only ever needed one war cry at major sporting events and it ends in ‘oi, oi, oi’. It’s worked for this long, why change it now? Yeah it’s lame and slightly embarassing but it’s easy to follow and surely better than butchering classic rock songs.

What did you think of The Fanatics performance during Lleyton Hewitt’s match? Leave a comment below…


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