Why is Australian survivor so good?

I miss Australian Survivor already. Why was it so good?

Because of how unscientific the voting was? Contestants just vote off anyone they want out with no explanation required. That’s brutal. Sometimes it’s a popularity contest, sometimes it’s punishment because they’re no good at challenges (or too good at challenges…) ‘As long as it’s not me, who cares’. No reason is more valid than the next but some poor bugger will get their tiki torch snuffed and there’ll be no right of reply. Even Sophie Monk takes those dickheads on the Bachelorette for a consolatory ‘walk’ and reassures them ‘you’re a great guy’.

Right to the finale, no voting criteria was agreed upon. What were they all voting on? Henry was looking to reward ‘big moves’ in the game (in Jericho’s case, strategically sharing cookies with other members of his tribe). Jarrad was carrying out a personal vendetta against Jericho (because he didn’t get a cookie).

What about the worthiness of the two finalists? Tara – mother of 3 boys. Jericho – son of poor migrant parents. Was this a factor in the voting of contestants? Nah… probably more to do with the cookies.

Also, credit must go to Jonathan Lapaglia for giving the show such gravitas. Those challenges could have very easily become ‘It’s A Knockout’ had his running commentary not been so good. ‘Tara really getting tired now. That rain is really beating down. Her arms are straining under the weight of that Tiki statue.’ I’m sure it wore thin on the contestants who were trying to transcend their pain but it really heightened the drama for everyone watching. Take note Jackie McDonald.

Maybe Australian Survivor’s appeal is in the fact that we all fantasize about moving to a desert island for 2 months, losing weight, playing charades, eating KFC and returning to a job in commercial radio…

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