Books. When did they become so boring?

I guess my real question is, ‘when did reading a book become such a chore?’

Lately I’ve noticed the stack of books on my bedside growing at an alarming rate. It is now more of a pile of hope than an actual achievable task. It’s not that I don’t want to read, it’s just that I feel totally unmotivated to do it these days. One of my most shameful realisations is that I often choose to flick through a few sites on the iPad in bed rather than pick up a book and read a few pages. The reason? When I’m finished, I can throw the iPad on the floor and go straight to sleep. With a book, I have to walk the few steps across the bedroom and turn off the light! In the cold. Yeah I know. This is the stuff The Biggest Loser ‘Before’ montages are made of.

If I have a few minutes where I guess once I would have fished a book out of my bag, I now just look at my phone. I’m not sure what happened first, did I one day run out of concentration or did I look at so many cat videos that I trained my brain to only focus on things for a minute at a time?

I used to love reading but I guess when I think of the books I really enjoyed and the times in which I read them, I did have a lot more free time. Often times I would read a book all in one sitting, not War and Peace or anything but you know 8 hours where I’d forget to have lunch or go to the toilet.

Oh and book shops, how fun are they? It’s so nice wandering around Readings, dreaming of the things I could possibly know one day if only I read some of the titles I thought about buying before changing my mind or wandering off.

So what is the cure for this modern malaise? ShouId I even be surprised that I can add yet another lazy habit to my list? I don’t exercise, I rarely eat a vegetable, I hardly make the bed, I now order LiteNeasy despite me holding out on that for months due to a sense of betrayal Geelong may feel that I was eating something Luke Hodge endorsed. Maybe it’s not so surprising I have just enough energy to watch Judge Geordie before falling asleep on the couch each night.

Surely other people have encountered the same thing, I mean the last time I went to the library everyone seemed to be there for the free WiFi and the books just provided a nice bit of privacy for the staff to enjoy a Scotch Finger and a cup of tea.

Someone should write a book about this whole issue and then someone else (probably Jeff) should tell me about the best bits over coffee. Or just make a parody video of it and put it on YouTube or have Huffington Post review it for me or maybe turn it into a film that I can download. Just keep it short people, I’m really busy and I can only go so long without sugar.


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