My Cafe is my temple

Andre and I used to meet at the pub to watch sport and grunt. They were good times but now he’s only interested in meeting for coffee. We have to talk and stuff… and it doesn’t matter what time of the day it is, we have to meet at a cafe. If it’s late we’ll go to some place in the city or on Sydney road. Somewhere with a good Barista and baked goods. These days the Cafe is king.

When I contacted my accountant 3 weeks ago to set up a meeting discuss my tax return, he wanted to meet at a cafe too. We bypassed his stuffy boardroom for a bright, airy, inner city cafe where we had coffee and shared a homemade fruit and nut energy bar. It was quite delightful actually and made the number crunching that followed that much more tolerable for both of us.

Another friend of mine is dating at the moment and she uses the cafe to set up brunch dates, her theory being that it’s more casual and relaxed, better for striking up a conversation. Also, if she needs to make a getaway, she reckons it’s easier to make an excuse in the middle of the day. Of course, if things go well the date can continue well past brunch… but at the very least she knows she’ll walk away having had a good coffee and some bircher muesli.

Loners like cafes too because they’re friendly places where there’s never any time pressure – you can get your coffee and skulk off immediately or you can sit in the corner downloading movies all day via the free wifi provided.

How long until the cafe is our temple for all business deals, romance, job interviews, creativity and nourishment? A magical place where you never have to eat savoury food.

What activities have you transferred to your local cafe? Leave a comment below…

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