Should Caroline Wilson apologise?

Caro doesn’t do twitter. Thank god for that. She is copping it from keyboard warriors everywhere today after the Essendon players were cleared of doping charges. What do you reckon? Does she deserve it or is she being unfairly victimised?

I don’t understand why the Caro bashers feel vindicated today. I’ve watched my fair share of Footy Classified and Caro has always been sympathetic to the Essendon players. She has always maintained they have been the innocent victims of the entire saga. So, why the overwhelming calls for Caroline Wilson to apologise to the Essendon Football Club today? The Club was still found guilty.

caro twitterIt’s curious what a leading role Caro has played throughout the whole saga. If you’re a Bombers fan, you probably feel she’s been campaigning against your team for the entire 785 days. I disagree. I reckon she’s been mostly on the money… apart from the day she wrongly announced Hird’s dismissal. Yeah, She had a howler that day…

But I love Caro and find myself agreeing with pretty much everything she says. Maybe it’s because I’m a Richmond fan or maybe it’s because her co panellists on Footy Classified are so unlikeable (Matthew Llyod excepted. I hated him as a player but he’s completely turned me around as a media commentator). Footy Classified tonight at 8:00pm will be must see TV whatever your allegiance.

Am I being too kind on Caro? Where have I got it wrong? Leave a comment below…

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