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X Factor exploitation

2 Comments 14 September 2015

The best thing about X Factor starting is that it puts an end to that long running promo Channel 7 have been flogging, featuring teenage contestant Michaela, whose father passed away shortly before her audition. I know, I know… it was her choice to go on a talent show and share such a personal story […]

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bachelor date


Dating a Bachelor contestant

No Comments 09 September 2015

Fans of Bachelor watch the show and laugh right?.. I hope so because otherwise Channel 10 is going to be responsible for spawning a generation of people with completely pretty warped expectations of dating. These people are going to feel betrayed when their first date that doesn’t finish at a romantic, candle lit table inside a […]

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The Bachelor NZ

No Comments 18 August 2015

Watching The Bachelor NZ as an Australian, is a little unnerving but ultimately highly entertaining. The formula is the same (obviously) and one must suspend any disbelief that there are people willing to go on the show despite things like feminism and the fact that heaps of people watch you generally make a knob of […]

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60 minutes phone hacking


60 Minutes hacking

2 Comments 17 August 2015

Ross Coultard presented a phone hacking story on 60 Minutes last night called ‘Bugged, Tracked and Hacked’. It sounded like terrifying viewing for anyone with a smartphone (everyone) but the story failed to live up to it’s sensational title. (Still better than Mike Willese’s Paleo puff piece on channel 7 though). I watched it so […]

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late night sport

Sport, TV

Soccer is a kebab

No Comments 10 August 2015

Watching live English Premier League on Foxtel in Australia is like eating a kebab from a food van after a big night out. You know you’re probably going to regret it in the morning but you can’t say no. Last night I got home exhausted after a busy sunday playing a full game of soccer […]

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redfaces harry connick


The Voice vs Red Faces

No Comments 03 August 2015

Ricky Martin’s ‘just believe in yourself’ routine on The Voice is getting tired. If you’re a singer looking to improve your voice, try singing lessons because I seriously doubt the usefulness of The Voice as a mentoring program. And if you’re looking for inspirational quotes buy a desk calendar. I enjoyed watching Red Faces more […]

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carrie bickmore logies speech

Life, TV

Raising awareness vs raising money

4 Comments 20 May 2015

It’s been two weeks since Carrie Bickmore won the gold logie and used her acceptance speech to ‘get the nation talking about brain cancer’. ‘Whoever is on TV tomorrow, whack on a beanie’ she implored. She raised awareness for a worthy cause but how much money did she raise? Her TV contemporaries all got behind […]

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catching milat


Catching Milat

No Comments 18 May 2015

Last night I tuned into Channel Seven’s ‘Catching Milat’. Like many people I’m a sucker for these real life, Aussie crime drama stories. As the first hour crawled along, I started to become suspicious. ‘This is going to be a two parter’ I thought to myself. I checked the TV guide and my worst fears […]

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shark tank australia


Why Shark Tank Australia is The Profit lite

3 Comments 13 May 2015

Why does the Shark Tank Australia suck us in? Is it because we all like to imagine ourselves as Sharks, able to predict success of an idea by asking a couple of questions? So brilliant as to be able diagnose the flaws in a business model with a couple of scribbled notes on a pad? […]

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My Kitchen Rules 2015


My Kitchen Rules 2015 highlights

No Comments 04 May 2015

Tonight The My Kitchen Rules 2015 champions will be crowned. ‘The Gourmet Geezers’, Will and Steve and the ‘two girls from Mt Isa’, Jac and Shaz do battle for a $250,000 purse and guaranteed access to the Emirates Marquee at this year’s Spring Racing Carnival. My Kitchen Rules junkees, let’s reflect on all the highlights […]

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