Cinema streamlining

I think we all agree – the cinema experience could be streamlined a bit, starting with the omission of the world’s most redundant question:

‘Where would you like to sit’?

There is, and always has been, only one answer to this question. You know it. So does the person behind the counter asking the question…

‘Towards the back, in the middle’.

This is my seating preference. It was also my father’s preference and his father’s before him… In fact, nobody in my family ever preferred to sit ‘towards the front and over to the left’ funnily enough.

But as it turns out your preference counts for nothing anyway. The moment you get inside the cinema there’s someone sitting in your allocated seat and you can’t ask them to move because the practice of cinema seat nicking is so prevalent that asking even one person to move could trigger a massive chain reaction of seat switching that could result in everyone in the cinema missing the first half of the movie.

The only recourse you have is to find a spare seat somewhere else… ‘Oh look there’s one! Towards the front and over to the left’.

Do you ask people to move if they’re sitting in your seat in the cinema? Leave a comment below…


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