Cupcakes are a crock

A tart is fine. A slice is nice. But let’s face it – Cupcakes are a crock.

Cupcakes are the most poorly designed, expensive and high calorie calorie snack ever devised. How have become a challenger to Cake?

Cakes are memorable. I remember my 10th Birthday cake (which Mum recreated from the Women’s Weekly cake book). It had a pool in the middle of it made of blue jelly. I remember the slice of cheesecake I ate in a Diner in New York City last year. Ask me to recall a memorable cupcake and I cannot.

The major problem facing a Cupcake eater is how to negotiate the frosting. Sure, it looks pretty but it is piled up so high that there is no efficient way to eat it. Man may have solved many mysteries of the universe but as yet there is no known method of eating a cupcake without getting butter cream icing on your nose. What is the justification for this level of frosting?

And just how calorie heavy is that frosting? Well, it’s other name is Butter cream… I guess that’s a clue. I haven’t done the maths but once an Oreo is also wedged in there for good measure, I’m pretty sure we’ve tipped over our daily calorie intake goal.

Then there is the actual cake part of a Cupcake which is notoriously uninspiring. (Perhaps I never enjoy it because by the time I get there I’m coming down from my massive sugar high after eating the frosting). It’s just never as moist or delicious as cake cake.

If someone is trying to serve Cupcakes instead of a cake at their next birthday party or wedding, can I suggest a boycott? It’s time to make a stand. Cake is king. Long live the king!

Have you had a memorable cupcake or do you think they’re wildly overrated? Leave a comment below…


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