Universal declaration of Canine Rights

Do you know what my dad used to call our old dog Kelly?.. ‘Dog.’ It’s not that he disliked her. He’d give her a pat or throw a stick sometimes but ‘Dog’ was little more than a passing fancy. She had her place…mostly, outside in her kennel.

I wonder what Dad would make of this glossy ‘Smoochie Poochie’ feature? I applaud Woman’s Day on their solid commitment to canine rights.

smoochie poochieYes. Dogs are finally getting the respect they deserve for their intelligence and insight. Mum regularly invites me to marvel at her dogs intuition these days. Last night she pointed out her dog Charlie’s uncanny ability to sense that we were leaving the house to go out for dinner. ‘See! He’s not silly. When I’m going out, he knows!’ Incredibly, the dog has connected the sound of jangling keys to Mum leaving the house.

And the kennel days are over. It’s a basic canine right now to be able to sleep inside the house, preferably on a purpose bought lambswool or blankie. Kate’s most recent spring clean uncovered 5 dog beds that she had bought at various times for her dog Frankie plus two doggie electric blankets!

But the war isn’t won yet. Many dogs are still not receiving the credit they deserve. I mean they can diagnose cancer can’t they? When will we finally see ‘Dr Dog’ able to walk around in a lab coat at the Epworth Hospital and treat patients?

I’m very strongly of the opinion that a Universal declaration of Canine rights needs to be drawn up immediately and must include the following:

Dogs must be able to sleep inside the house

Owners must filter Instagram Dog photos with the X PRO II setting

Baths will only be entered into with the full consent of dog and owner

No dog shall be excluded from Hipster Brunch cafes on the basis of species or personal hygiene

What else would you like to see added to this most important document? Leave a comment below.


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