Is a Doughnut Time donut worth $6?

I had a fiver in my hand today when I ordered my first Doughnut Time donut… but it wasn’t enough. I needed $6 to secure my donut which made me ponder the great philosophical question: can a donut be worth $6? (and do I have another dollar floating around in my backpack somewhere?)

We may be in the grips of ‘Donut Mania’ right now. When Doughnut Time opened in Brisbane a few weeks ago, the queue was so long crowd control had to be arranged. A fellow donut enthusiast friend of mine gave up a morning just to try one. At the Flour market a few weeks ago, I, myself, had to negotiate a queue that stretched right across the middle of the Collingwood Town Hall because all anyone wanted to buy was donuts.

I had a lot of trouble choosing my Doughnut Time donut. None of them resembled what I had become so familiar with at High School. Some of them looked like Frankenstein’s monster. One looked like a rasher of bacon had detonated itself on top of it. ‘What if I order the Watermelon one and it’s no good?’ I wondered. ‘Will I get my $6 back?’

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I chose one that most closely resembled a jam donut – a strawberry iced donut, topped with toasted coconut. The strawberry icing/ glaze was pretty incredible actually. It had a hit of sherbet in it, like you get when you eat a freshly picked strawberry from a farm. The donut itself was crisp and chewy on the outside but very light inside. It was closer to turkish bread than cake on the baked goods spectrum. The toasted coconut was good but not as good as hundreds and thousands in my opinion.

selection of Doughnut Time donuts

selection of Doughnut Time donuts

Was it worth $6? Well it comes in a presentation box…

The answer to this question hinges on what sort of hot dog you like. If you’re the type of person who likes a traditional sausage in bread from your local Bunnings on the weekend, Doughnut Time is not for you. If prefer an over engineered bratwurst with pickle, bacon bits, sour cream and jalepenos, you’re probably already on your way to Doughnut Time.

Have you tried a Doughnut Time donut? What was it like? Leave a comment below…


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