Could the Ashes DRS cause WW3?

How much faith do you have in the DRS? If it’s there to eliminate errors how did it make one of it’s own in the 2nd Test? Is it improving our experience of the game?

Full disclosure – I’m equal parts theatre fan and sports fan. I’m just as happy watching Brecht at La Mama as I am Geelong vs Essendon at the MCG but it’s when these two intersect that I’m most excited. That’s why hero or villain, I like that the umpire has always been a key protagonist in the sporting event. Their decisions are part of the drama, especially in cricket when the fielding team can try and influence the umpire with the enthusiasm (or even intimidation) of an appeal.

None of that matters anymore. Close calls are simply referred to DRS. The modern cricket umpire is basically an interested onlooker.

You either regret that or you don’t. I do. And I lament that just about every test match now ends with a stadium full of fans waiting for the decision of a review to appear on a screen (intergrated with an advertisment for KFC Wicked Wings). 

Is Maradonna’s ‘hand of god’ goal in the 1986 Soccer World Cup a glorious part of sporting folklore or an awful mistake? You’re attitude towards this question might inform your opinion on the use of technology in sport but, either way, you have to admit it’s an awful lot of drama to give up when the computer algorithm can’t even guarantee us it’s always going to get it right.

Yesterday, when Shaun Marsh called for a review of his LBW decision, DRS ball tracking took centre stage and not for the first time, predicted the ball was going to soar over the top of the wickets. To the naked eye this looked an exaggeration. Victorian wicket keeper Darren Berry, wasn’t at all convinced, referring to the DRS as ‘the Dubious Review System’ on twitter.

Tech guru Elon Musk has been mocked for predicting that Artificial Intelligence ‘will be the most likely cause of World War 3’ but if the DRS makes another howler like this in the Ashes, he might be on the money.

Do you trust DRS or would you rather leave it up to the field umpires? Leave a comment below…


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