How far would you go for a rare record?

In the age of the internet often it can seem as if everything is only a click or two away. Need someone to deliver a curry at 1am? Just use Uber Eats.  Need someone to come and wash the windows while you hide out a cafe looking at stuff on Pinterest and feeling guilty about your white privilege? Then Air Tasker might be for you.

So it’s confusing but also sort of fun when you’re tasked with something that can’t be easily obtained using the computer. My Pop likes a musician by the name of Sleepy La Beef. Sleepy is quite the character as you can tell from his Wikipedia profile and as you can also tell from his website which one can only assume he neither knows about or really believes in. I imagine someone spent a Christmas lunch or two telling him about Facebook and his eyes glazed over and he wrote another song about Waltzing Across Texas (on your legs.)

Which bring me back to the search for Sleepy’s version of Waltz Across Texas. Needless to say I now know probably more than most people about Sleepy. While he didn’t write this track, he did record a version of it on an album he released called Strange Things Happening. Now it’s easy enough to get this on iTunes however that’s no real help to my Pop who would rather read War and Peace again in hard copy than listen to something on an iPod.

So the search started casually at first, I had the song title and artist so I popped into JB Hi-Fi. Nope, can’t get it and can’t order it but did I want to buy this nice coffee machine? I became intrigued so I bought a copy on iTunes, tracked down the only person who still has a CD burner in his old computer (thanks Jeff!) and made a copy. Success.

Til the CD stopped working; it kept skipping and when I tried to burn it again – no luck. So back to square one. This time I decided I needed an expert. I phoned the lovely bloke from Greville Records and while he couldn’t help me, our exchange had included an extensive look at all of his suppliers here and in the US and still I was no closer to Sleepy. And said lovely bloke had also confirmed for me three important musical truths:

1. Vinyl never really went away

2. CDs probably have though

3. An obsessive search for an obscure tune is always common ground among people who like to hang out at record shops or wish they still could.

Lovely bloke from Greville Records was though, able to let me know about Hound Dog. The legend goes, Hound Dog used to run a glorious shop named Hound Dog’s Bop Shop which sadly closed for reasons I”m not privy to. But what was Hound Dog to do with his rare records but set up shop on the first Saturday of every month in the beer garden at the Three Crowns Hotel. I know right!

So who could resist that? A meeting on a Saturday with a man named Hound Dog?  The search for Sleepy over a pot and a cheeseburger?  The chance to amaze people with my super sleuth skills and possibly get my Pop something for Christmas other than a bottle of Teacher’s?

Well I would love to say we succeeded but that would be … well a lie. Sleepy is one cagey cat. I even emailed Mrs Sleepy late one night but she’s not interested in emailing me back. She probably doesn’t know her grandson set her up with an email address. And so it continues. …

Can you help me and my Pop dear friends? Can you do the unthinkable and let me know where I can find Sleepy’s Waltz Across Texas? Clearly I need your help!

If you have any leads that could help in the Search For Sleepy, leave a coment below…


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