What’s this Fit Bit?

Kate is the latest member of the Fit Bit cult. I spotted it on her wrist last week and almost fell off my chair. ‘Et Tu Kate?’ I thought.

The Fit Bit is like a Tamagotchi but instead of caring for an anime pet, it’s about caring for yourself. It tells you if you’re not exercising enough or getting enough sleep. Information I suspect Kate and her FitBit friends aren’t capable of determining themselves…?

I haven’t tried the Fit Bit so I admit I don’t fully understand it’s capabilities. The commercial suggests that buying one helps you ‘find your fit’ whether it’s Ping Pong or running up a mountain. I like playing soccer and having an occasional round of golf myself so it would seem I’ve already ‘found my fit’.

What else does it do? According to Kate, it has a built in pedometer that suggests you average 3,000 steps per day. Kate, like many other Fit Bit owners, has become obsessed with completing her 3,000 steps. She told me she was surprised at how many steps 3,000 is. More than 2,000 and fewer than 4,000 I suspect (again I figured this out without the help of a Fit Bit).

FitBit owners may claim that the information delivered by their device comes as a revelation to them but I suspect it’s just telling them what they already know – That their lifestyle is too sedentary.

But who am I to judge? I just finished the H3O challenge – 30 days with no sugary drinks. I knew I needed to drink less coke, so why didn’t I just do it? Why did I need to turn to a government run health initiative?

Fit Bit is good if it help you change but I’m just asking: isn’t it just reinforcing what you already know? – The only person who can make a change is you… but you already knew that didn’t you?

Come on FitBit enthusiasts, tell me I’m wrong. Leave a comment below…


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