Guy Sebastian Tonight Again

Guy Sebastian’s vocal performance at Eurovision was one of the best I’ve seen by an Aussie. I hesitate to say the best because I saw Farnham sing ‘You’re The Voice’ at the 2009 AFL grand final and grown men around me cried but Guy’s song ’Tonight Again’ was up there for instilling national pride. The song was written and performed in the true spirit of Eurovision (catchy and repetitive). By the 2nd chorus, all the nutters waving flags were able to sing along and that’s what it’s all about.

The song, ‘Tonight Again’, raced to #2 on the Swedish iTunes charts today, behind only Eurovision winner, Swede Mans Zelmerlow (whose song included some sort of powerpoint presentation put together in Paintbox). Yes. Europe is loving Guy Sebastian right now. Their only complaint seems to be that he was ‘too professional’ for Eurovision. Lucky he had a chest cold. Imagine if he’d been fully fit!

We must not make the same mistake next year. If it’s talentless hacks with a gimmick they want for Eurovision 2016, then we must draw on our rich reserve of talent show rejects and go for the win. The Europeans would go mad for Samantha Jade and her animated bird routine. Would they have ever seen a performer integrate music with a commercial for specials at a Supermarket chain? I doubt it.

[photo credit: Ben Symons. Eurovision 2015]

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