Why it’s okay to jump on the GWS Giants

Admit it, you were barracking for the GWS Giants on Sat in the Qualifying final against the Swannies… and you will again next weekend. You know they are antithesis of the old fashioned football club but you can’t help yourself can you?


If your team didn’t do much good this year, take some comfort from the fact that most of your players are playing for the GWS Giants thanks to draft concessions. You can legitimately claim at least a portion of the team as your own. They’re more exciting to watch than your team anyway. The pace of the Giants players is breath taking. When they win the ball in the back half and surge forward, it’s like watching a heat in the 100m sprint at the olympics.


The Giants song features a 50’s brass band solo which I consider an essential part of any club song and it was written by that bloke from the Cat Empire. That has to count for something. I mean, I don’t know the song off the top of my head but then, I don’t know the names of most of the team either… I mean there’s Griffin and Tom Scully but after that it drops away pretty quickly for me…


He let himself down on the weekend but he’s still a favourite. He should never have made light of Buddy Franklin’s mental health issues but he put his hand and admitted it was wrong and we accepted his apology. Frankly, we support your anti Buddy Franklin stance, just not the anti mental health stuff Mummy, that’s all.


Collingwood fans are easy to hate because they’re defensive. They think the world is against them, so they lash out at everyone around them. It creates a self fulfilling prophecy. In the case of the GWS Giants though, I don’t hate their fans… I don’t actually know any of their fans. If they’ve been at games I was at, they certainly didn’t make their presence felt. This is why they’re my favourite opposition fans in the AFL.

Let’s not feel bad – let’s support the GWS Giants next weekend just like we used to support the Swannies… until they got good and the novelty wore off.

Will you be donning your orange high vis vest from work and supporting the GWS Giants next weekend? Leave a comment below…


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