Hash It Out Podcast: a horror weekend away

Jeff is back from a romantic weekend gone wrong and Kate is smarting after forking out $60 for a new car horn. Seems like perfect timing for a podcast.

A Horror Weekend Away (0:29)

Bird carcasses everywhere. I dunno what had been there but it did some serious damage

Jeff’s romantic weekend away was ruined when his Animal loving partner Ange was confronted with an Island full of dead birds and a crowd of people at the local pub cheering each other on whilst playing Big Buck Hunter.

Do Tailors ask you if you dress left or right? (11:17)

Maybe they put an extra couple of centimetres of fabric on that side…

According to Kate, Tailors ask guys if they dress left or right when fitting them for a suit. Can this be true? If you’ve had a suit tailored, please leave a comment below and settle this debate.

How much does a car horn cost (12:05)

Maybe horns only come with a certain amount of beeps… Is it like a pacemaker?

When Kate’s car horn went on the fritz, she was confronted with this question and had no idea what the mechanic was going to quote her. Do you know how much a car horn goes for these days (clue: it’s 60 bucks)

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