Hash It Out Podcast: Am I Being Racist?

This week we tackle some of the biggest issue facing the planet: racism, rubbish and the things you’re currently doing that you need not bother with. I know, I wish the last one started with an ‘r’ word too.

Is telling an Indian bloke that he has a sun tan racist? (20:34)

I know it’s possible to be actually racist (cue booing) and to be accidentally racist (oh did I just trip over a Scottish fellow? They’re very tight with money you know.) But can you sound racist without meaning to? Or if you don’t intend to be rude or racist, can you ask whatever you like? That is the long way of saying was Kate racist to ask an Indian bloke if he has a tan?

New Adidas shoes made from ocean junk (5:03)

Each year a crap load of our well… crap ends up in the ocean. We’re not really sure how seeing as we here at Hash It Out always Keep Australia Beautiful but somewhere out there plenty of folk must be tossing their refuse in the ocean (or their local bit of it) because the Little Mermaid is caught on a couple of six pack rings and a bread tie. Luckily a multinational shoe company with like heaps of morals and a very well regulated ethical compass has decided to do something about it.

Kate’s Community Service Announcement – Stop wasting your money and time on stuff no one cares about. (10:55)

Friends, we’re not here to judge, we’re here to help and hopefully heal. So listen closely when we tell you that there are at least three things you’re regularly doing that are costing you time and money and none of them need doing. You will have so much free time, you be able to sit at home on a Saturday night and dial those 0055 hotlines like we used to do before the internet and you won’t even care that they charge $4.95 a minute and mainly talk about who’s shagging who on the Real Housewives of Atlanta. You will be rich in the best way possible.

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