Hash It Out Podcast: Groin Grooming

Thanks to AC/DC tickets falling into Jeff’s lap at the eleventh hour, we had to record this podcast at 11:00 in the morning. We still managed to cover some racy topics though, in spite of the early start time.

Groin Grooming (3:07)

‘That’s not grooming, that’s a full deforestation’

Kate educates Jeff on a new male beauty trend called ‘groin grooming’, based on an agricultural theory that the tree looks bigger when the shrubs are pruned.

Relationship Cardinal Sins: Jeff’s Video Game addiction (6:59)

‘you bought imaginary stuff with real money?!’

After finding an old video game he was addicted to in his early 20s in the App Store, Jeff has relapsed. Will his addiction to a soccer management game ruin his life. Will Kate stand by him through this testing time?

Marketing Madness: Freck Yourself (10:59)

‘what’s next, a melanoma trend?’

Love freckles but don’t have time to sit in direct sunlight for hours at a time? Kate has the product for you. ‘Freck Yourself’ is a new beauty product that allows you to apply freckles to your face.

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