Hash It Out podcast: potatoes for christmas

We’ve started recording the Hash It Out podcast at night instead of mid morning. The stories are more unfiltered in the evening, resulting in unmitigated podcast magic.

Here are the highlights:

Potatoes for christmas (0:50)

Parents have used the ‘be good or Santa won’t bring you any presents’ routine for years but has Kate’s friend gone too far by telling her kids that for every naughty thing they do, Santa replaces one of their presents with a potato?.. and then starts placing potatoes around the house.. ‘poof! there goes a bike’ ‘whoosh! there goes a Sony PS4’.

Washing your face before bed (3:56)

After discovering Jeff’s pillow case was filthy, his partner Ange was shocked to discover he doesn’t wash his face before bed. Now Jeff wants to know if she’s wrong to assume ‘all guys wash their face before going to bed’.

Audition Tape for Smooth FM (6:27)

With Matt Preston and the bloke from the Beach Boys getting a gig on Smooth FM with no previous experience, Jeff and Kate decide to record a demo (cue the sax music).

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