Hash It Out Podcast: The Dog Show

The podcast is all about animals this week. Kate’s been hanging out with the ‘Best In Show’ dogs at the Alexandria Agricultural Show and Jeff has been monitoring the musical preferences of his cat.

The Dog Show (5:31)

‘oh my god, your dog has stubble’

Kate spent an afternoon munching on fairy floss and talking to dog breeders at an Agricultural Show. She was particularly smitten with a $4000 Bulldogs whose owner shaved his face and put make up on him.

A Cat cd (2:47)

‘Moggy Rotten has been found face down in a pile of catnip’

Scientist David Teie is making an album of track ‘scientifically proven to enrich the lives of cats called Music For Cats. The cats collaborating on the project are being total divas though. Will the album be out in time for Christmas?

Where did Warney’s money go? (15:54)

‘He’s on the Telstra $175 a month social media stalker plan’

Some questions have been raised about the integrity of Shane Warne’s charity, The Shane Warne Foundation. Jeff and Kate look over the expense sheet for the last 12 months to figure out where all the money has gone.

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