Hash It Out Podcast: the era of random tatts

We’ve decided to bring back the podcast. There are too many things we need to discuss and it’s the cheapest form of therapy we know of. This episode we discuss the Bachelorette. Yes, yes, we all know it’s rubbish but it tops the ratings every week so we’re obviously all addicted to it…

Here are some highlight from our latest podcast

Random Tatts (2:55)

Tattoos used to immortalise to your team losing a grand final or a a close friend or relative who had died but Jeff now thinks tatts are being reverse engineered. People decide they need a tattoo first and the artwork being applied permanently to their bodies is a secondary consideration.

Apple Music (5:51)

Have you been applying for the ‘1 month free trial’ of Stan, Spotify, Presto etc? This is a cautionary tale about the Apple Music free 3 month trial. Secure your itunes library before it vaporises into the cloud like Jeff’s did.

The Bachelorette (9:24)

Kate thinks the guys on The Bachelorette put the women from The Bachelor in the shade, calling them ‘creative geniuses’. Jeff thinks she is ‘massively overstating’ the quality of these suitors. Who do you agree with ?..

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