Hash It Out Podcast: The Nandos intervention

Kate hijacked this week’s podcast to stage a Nandos intervention for Jeff. Being on a first name basis with the manager at his local Nandos was a warning sign, getting the Nandos app on his phone was a step too far and when Kate discovered that Jeff ate at Nandos for his birthday, Kate felt duty bound to step in. Will she be able to get through to Jeff or has he fallen victim to some very clever Peri Peri marketing?

Kate hung in there longer than most with the physical diary but has finally decided to join the 21st century and use the calendar on her phone to schedule her social life. There have been some teething problems however…

Also, a special treat this week – our exclusive chat with Sydney Franchise player Buddy Franklin post the four car pile up that was NOT the result of him using his mobile phone whilst driving.

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