Hash It Out Podcast: Bacon On A Stick

The American Bachelor

In a desperate attempt to fill the void left by The Australian Bachelor finale, Kate turns to The American Bachelor to find a fascinating mix of women including pianist, soccer player and expectant mother.

Men’s vs Women’s skin care

Jeff asks Kate why women have such an intricate skin care routine compared to men. Kate explains it is because ‘nobody wants to have a man face’.

Bacon On A Stick

Have you ever wondered what the snack of choice is for New York Jets fans at an NFL game? In this Hash It Out podcast, Jeff confirms it’s not a meat pie. It’s ‘Bacon on a stick’. Five dollars gets you a delicious rasher of bacon dipped in maple syrup.bacon on a stick

Billy Joel Update

In breaking news, rumours are circulating that Billy Joel was dating Christie Brinkley and Elle McPherson at the same time. Details are scant so Jeff and Kate use their imaginations to fill in the gaps.

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