Hash It Out Podcast: prawn eating cat

After watching Dr Chris Brown treat a parrot for obesity on Bondi Vet, Jeff is worried that Kate’s dog Frankie might be spoilt for choice when it comes to meal time. Is he any worse than the cat at the animal shelter Kate works at who refused to eat anything but fresh prawns?

Personal Ads

Kate is surprised to find that people in her neighbourhood still take out personal ads in the local paper. Have they not discovered Tinder yet? One ‘woman seeking man’ boasts a willingness to ‘wear traditional dress’. What would that be?

Race to bed

Jeff and Kate both race their partners to bed. To the winner go the spoils while the loser must turn out the lights and lock the door. Jeff describes the lengths he will go to in order to avoid this penalty.


Bocelli my bro

What did you make of Alex Cullen’s interview with Andrea Bocelli on channel 7’s Sunday Night? When Alex picked up an acoustic guitar and started to jam with Andrea, I think he thought he might have been about to play Sarah Brightman to Bocelli’s, Bocelli.


Missing biscuits

Kate never comes empty handed to Jeff’s place but did she let herself down today by bringing store bought biscuits and then scoffing three of them on the way over? If you have a thought on this or anything else from this weeks podcast, please leave us a comment below and don’t forget to follow us on facebook and to leave us a rating and comment when you subscribe to our podcast through itunes.


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