Hey Hey it’s Alan Partridge!

Hey Hey comeback!

When I read today that Daryl Somers was launching an online version of Hey Hey It’s Saturday, it immediately made me think of another former Talk Show host desperately trying to keep his career afloat – Alan Partridge. It’s a short walk in the park from Somers’ low budget version website of Hey Hey It’s Saturday to Partidge’s latest radio gig, Mid Morning Matters on North Norfolk Digital…

Take a look at these startling similarities and you too will be asking yourself ‘have I ever seen Daryl and Alan in the same room together’?



• Somers/ Carroll

• Show axed in 1999 after 500+ episodes

• Comic sidekicks: Ossie Ostrich and Dickie Knee

• Guest Harry Connick Jnr offended by Daryl airing blackface sketch during Red Faces.  Daryl is forced to apologise.

• Lukewarm reaction to ‘Hey Hey’ reunion specials

• Desperately attempts to revive career with web Hey, Hey Web series

• Daryl performs ‘Goodness Gracious Me’ with Denise Drysdale

• Daryl employs much younger attractive co host, Livinia Nixon

• After being told of a station promotion involving Guitar Hero, Daryl brings his drumsticks to a Triple M interview expecting to be asked to perform a drum solo

• Daryl pitches ‘Silence Of The Hams’ to Network Executives


• Peartree Productions

• Show axed in 1994 after only six episodes

• Comic sidekicks: Sidekick Simon and Camp David

• Two TV producers from Ireland offended by Alan’s description of the Irish as ‘toothless simpletons with eyebrows on their cheeks’.

• Lukewarm reaction to Christmas special ‘Knowing Me, Knowing Yule’

• Desperately attempts to revive career with Digital Radio show

• Alan performs an ABBA medley with Rebecca Front

• Alan employs much younger attractive co host, Zoe Scott

• Alan plays air drums enthusiastically inside his Lexus to the Gary Numan song ‘Music For Chamelions’ at full volume wile his PA Lynne visits her mother’s grave

• Alan pitches monkey tennis to Network Executives

Are there any other similarities between Daryl and Alan I’ve missed? Leave a comment below…

KATE – Daryl says the huge response to the launch of his new website momentartily crashed the site but would the Hey Hey demographic be ‘on the line’???

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