It’s over Facebook, let it go

It’s time to break up with Facebook. It was fun and exciting in the beginning but things haven’t been right for quite a while now.

Everything was so exciting in the beginning. I uploaded all my holiday photos and arranged them into albums. I was always open with my feelings but recently it’s been all one way traffic. I just lazily scroll through my news feed and don’t contribute anything anymore.

Yesterday, not for the first time, Facebook lashed out. I found an interesting article about social media which I knew a friend of mine would find interesting. I was on my phone so I copied the link and sms’d it to him. Later on, Facebook found out and was not impressed. As soon as I logged in I was greeted with this message ‘You just copied a link. Do you want to share it on Facebook?’ I’ve been in loveless relationships before and immediately recognised the sarcasm.

It made me reflect on just how much my relationship with Facebook has deteriorated. All those great holidays, categorised in specially designated albums. It’s been forever since I’ve told Facebook ‘what (was) on my mind’.

All the nice dinners we shared.

I became distant when Messenger came onto the scene.

Facebook tried to mend the relationship in 2014 by making me a special’year in review video’. I didn’t even share it. God I was a bastard.

Facebook is desperately trying to re open the lines of communication by using the power of suggestion; ‘It’s Ken’s birthday today – write on his wall?…’ or ‘this photo was posted two years ago… maybe it’s time you posted another one’. I used to dismiss it as an innocent suggestion. Now I realise it’s a desperate cry for help.

Maybe it’s not too late to fix things. Maybe I can learn to post photos of my food again without Instagram’s Lo Fi filter… We could stalk someone from High School again, like in the old days… Maybe I can find the time to create that album for my South America holiday pics and caption each photo… Who am I trying to kid?..

No Facebook, I don't want to share this picture of a pastizzi that I posted 2 years ago!

No Facebook, I don’t want to share this picture of a pastizzi that I posted 2 years ago!

It’s over Facebook. You can never be what Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram are to me now. Let’s just remember the good times.

How long are you going to continue the charade with Facebook? Leave a comment below…

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