Jeremy Irons audio tour

When you did Westminster Abbey, you did it with Jeremy Irons right? The audio guide. You can’t afford not to! His narration is informative and that voice is dreamy.

Planning starts for my October New York holiday this week and I’ve decided to give Jeremy Irons the swerve (or whoever the American equivalent is, probably James Earl Jones). Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice when Jeremy implores you to pause for a moment and admire the ceiling that took forty years to complete but the problem is everyone is doing the Jeremy Irons audio tour at Westminster Abbey. When a couple of hundred people are having the same experience as you at exactly the same moment, it kind of loses it’s charm.

I have had some memorable guided tours but none of them were pre recorded. My ‘real life’ guide for the Taj Mahal in India was brilliant. He fielded questions, did a few jokes and shared some interesting insights. It was a unique and authentic experience. Same goes in Peru at Machu Picchu. The University student that guided us around that marvel was across all her history and even threw in a few contemporary updates on the problems Peruvians had faced preserving the site in recent months. I’m pretty sure neither of these guides got paid as much as Jeremy Irons but the experience was worth far more.

What do you think about guided audio tours? Are they selling us all the same tired experience of great historical monuments? Or are they the best way to enhance your understanding? Leave a comment below.

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