Jesus in friday afternoon detention

My school is turning 50 next year and my old drama teacher emailed me today, asking if I would contribute a brief 100- 200 word reflection on something I remember fondly from the school drama program. I decided on this memory because it has a touch of the miraculous.

‘The detention room was the loneliest place on earth to be on a friday afternoon at Wesley, especially when you’re missing a dress rehearsal for Jesus Christ Superstar. Llyod Wedder’s score was playing in my head that day as I lamented each passing minute.

Suddenly a lifeline. One of my cast mates enters the room to deliver a whispered message. The detention warden is informed that rehearsal has been held up because ‘Jesus’ is in her detention room. She takes a moment to consider my case, then waves the girl away, unwilling to risk mutiny by granting one of her offenders an early reprieve.

Minutes later though, two more of my musical cast mates arrive from Cato Hall to deliver another message, this time with more urgency. The warden now looks defeated. Slowly, she stands up and loudly announces to the room ‘detention is finishing early today, Jesus has to go to rehearsal’. A loud ‘amen’ is heard from the back of the room and all the naughty kids give me a spontaneous round of applause as I take a bow – ‘down, two, three, up two, three’, taking full credit for a friday afternoon detention miracle.’

Any old school friends reading this remember something from our drama days? Leave a comment below…


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