Big donuts and cold coffee

I like making Mum try new things. A few weeks ago I made her a burrito at my place. She’d never tried one before! She said she enjoyed it but she put too much filling in, rolled it like a crepe and everything fell out the bottom which made the whole experience slightly traumatic. This morning, I persuaded her to try a cafe in Camberwell called Legacy that I’d stumbled across on Instagram. Unfortunately it was more character building for Mum.

Legacy 347 Camberwell Road, CAMBERWELL 3124

Confronted by a selection of Jurassic Donuts in the front window, we were almost too scared to walk in the door. One had popcorn cascading out the top of it, another was wearing a violet crumble fascinator. I had seen these donuts on Instagram but I didn’t expect them to look like this. There was so much extra stuff on top. They weren’t donuts as I know them.

I’ve seen the same thing happen with hot dogs. Once it goes beyond fried onion and tomato sauce I get confused. Some places add so much gourmet stuff on top that I don’t even know what it is anymore.  This is the problem with the donuts at Legacy. I didn’t know what I was looking at much less how to eat one.

Let’s not dwell on the donuts. I’m not even sure if they’re made on site at Legacy and I didn’t eat one anyway.

Mum and I sat down opposite each other on stools at a bench (communal dining again something new for Mum). The problem was that the bench was a little too wide for natural conversation. I found myself leaning across the table to avoid having to shout.

Our coffees came and they weren’t hot. Now what happens? I’m never sure… You should just send it back right? But it’s really only a matter of a couple of degrees and you don’t want to be a pest… We endured and drank cold coffee.

I wasn’t expecting Mum to order anything to eat. It was 9:10AM and by that time of the day Mum has already eaten breakfast and completed several of her daily chores. She wandered past the front window again to see if she could find something small to have with her coffee but returned again, spooked by the Frankenstein donuts.

I order the “Little somethin’ somethin'”(being careful to pronounce the ‘g’) which was a mini croissant, mini smashed avo on toast, egg, OJ and a bowl of acai granola. ‘If nothing else, I can give Mum the mini croissant and she’ll have a pastry to have with her cold coffee’ was my thinking. This woman used to whip up fresh pikelets for me after school for years, so it was the least I could do.

Little somethin' somethin' $18

Little somethin’ somethin’ $18

It looked good. Instagram worthy but ultimately pretty unexciting. The smashed avo tasted bland; I couldn’t find the feta. The granola wasn’t crunchy and the white custard it came with tasted like something that was made from a packet mix at the supermarket (remember Angel Delight)?

Mum enjoyed the mini croissant. At least that’s somethin’.


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