Dad: look after your things

Dad taught me a lot of things:

‘Eight o’clock means ten to eight’ – a phrase that still reminds me to always be punctual (even if it means sitting the car for ten minutes).

‘Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today’ – something that haunts me when I’m sitting on the couch.

– and ‘Look after your things’

Dad owned a pair of kitchen tongs that lasted him, quite literally, a lifetime. They broke down at one point and I suspected he would buy a replacement pair but he repaired them – ‘a dollar saved is a dollar earned’. He fitted a nut and bolt perfectly through the bottom of the handles and resurrected them. In the years that followed he proudly clicked them together like castenaettes every time he pulled them out of the drawer.

I tried to download the ‘Rat On A Jet Ski’ app last night but apparently it isn’t compatible with my old Ipad… So, what am I supposed to now? Just buy a new Ipad? Dad wouldn’t be impressed… ‘You’ve already got a perfectly good Ipad’ I can almost hear him saying. He’s right.

Unfortunately my Ipad problem cannot be solved with a Phillips head screwdriver or WD-40 and my mobile phone is heading in the same direction. I’m crawling to the end of my 24 month contract with increasingly sluggish phone performance but, I swear, I’ve taken good care of my phone and my Ipad!

Dad’s tongs were immortal. Why isn’t my Ipad?

Record players, cookware, tongs… What immortal household items do your parents own?


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