MCG toilet with a view

I’ve experienced footy from just about every angle at the MCG. From the ground level of the Southern Stand to the top level of the Olympic and everywhere in between but today I found a new vantage point I never knew existed and it was in the MCC Committee room toilet.

The Committee Room feels like the MCG’s pool room. Some truly incredible pictures hang on the wall. There are some Panoramic photos from over 100 years ago (pre IPhone so they’re actually just series of photos stuck together) which I barely recognised as the MCG. The scoreboard and the stands are unfamiliar and for some reason everyone is wearing hats. My mates and I played a version of Where’s Wally which involved trying to find a woman amongst the sea of men in the sepia photos.

After our game, we went to the toilet for a quick whistle stop before the Richmond – Collingwood match started. It was a small private bathroom attached to the MCC Committee room with only two cubicles and one stand up urinal. The cubicles were occupied so I walked to the back of the bathroom where the urinal was and noticed a window above it. As I approached, I was awestruck by it’s beauty. This was the Taj Mahal of toilets.

MCG toiletI peered out the window to see a perfect, uninterrupted view of the MCG bathed in sunlight. Level 2, centre wing. If it was cricket season I would have been right behind the bowlers arm; a perfect perspective of the greatest stadium in the world. A couple of MCC members in Chinos shuffled past the window unaware that I was looking out. I realised the window was reflective on the outside and wondered how many people even knew it existed.

I took some time to appreciate the best toilet in the world.  What a feature piece! You could watch 1000 episodes of the Block and not see a bathroom this well designed. It should be heritage listed by The National Trust.

I’m not saying I’d choose to watch footy from the MCC Committee Room urinal but if Ticketmaster throws up a ‘standing room only, urinal, Level 2 Committee Room’ ticket during the 2015 final series, I’m going to take it!

Have you had the pleasure of using the MCC Committee Room urinal? Did you even know it existed? Leave a comment below…


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