Milford Sound helicopter tour

When I got back from a week in Queenstown, New Zealand, a friend asked me what the highlight of my trip was and there was no question – the Milford Sound helicopter tour. It was incredible. I took my GoPro and made this short video:

If you have a chance to go, try and pick a good day to do it. We lucked out but apparently there are more bad weather days than good at Milford Sound and if the weather is no good the helicopter tour can either be cancelled or they might not be able to do the landings en route to Milford Sound.


Helicopter tours of Milford Sound are expensive, especially after bungee jumping, taking a jet boat ride and eating several Ferg burgers in Queenstown. Our budget was really stretched by the time we got around to organising our trip to Milford Sound but we asked around about last minute deals for helicopter flights at some of the operators near Queenstown airport and found a massive discount from Heliworks for a next day fly-cruise-fly tour.


the helicopter flight is so exciting. You fly so close to all the mountains and you get to wear headphones in the cockpit and pretend you’re Val Kilmer’s character, The Iceman from Top Gun. Landing next to Lake Erskine on top of a mountain was just beyond imagination. I couldn’t quite believe our pilot could just drop us on top of a mountain like that. While the other poor suckers were on their 8 hour round trip bus ride, we were eating cheese and crackers and drinking Pinot Noir on a picnic blanket next to a glacial lake.


The Nature cruise (smaller boat run by Southern Discoveries) was included as part of our tour. An added bonus of flying was that we beat all the people driving to Milford Sound which meant our boat (which left at 9:45am) was quite empty.

We flew with Heliworks but there are lots of others that offer a fly-cruise-fly tour of Milford Sound. Don’t miss it if you’re there. Launch a Kickstarter or sell a painting from your collection if you have to. You couldn’t possibly regret it. We were still fist pumping and humming the Top Gun theme when we got back to our hotel.

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