My Kitchen Rules 2015 highlights

Tonight The My Kitchen Rules 2015 champions will be crowned. ‘The Gourmet Geezers’, Will and Steve and the ‘two girls from Mt Isa’, Jac and Shaz do battle for a $250,000 purse and guaranteed access to the Emirates Marquee at this year’s Spring Racing Carnival.

My Kitchen Rules junkees, let’s reflect on all the highlights from an eventful 2015 season. Below are some highlights, key moments and unanswered questions from the past 3 months. If you can answer any of these questions or have one to add yourself, please leave a comment below…

My Kitchen Rules 2015 Unanswered questions

That Lynzey is a ‘champion athlete’ is well documented but what is she a champion athlete of? Texan Robert video

It has been said that when Pete looks at you while he’s eating he can see directly into your soul? Is there any peer reviewed research to support this theory? Paleo Pete

During the Instant Restaurant Rounds, Nikki explained that she modeled ‘organic underwear at an airport’ and nothing more was said about it. What’s that about?

Has anybody been able to ID the blonde judge with the wrinkly top lip? Discussion here

Why doesn’t anyone make ice cream with liquid nitrogen on My Kitchen Rules? It takes 2 seconds at N2.

Why do I have a sudden and irresistable urge to buy Finish Power Balls and Campbells Chicken Stock at Coles?

My Kitchen Rules 2015 Key Quotes

Will: I’m proud of you Steve.

Steve: I’m proud of myself.

Andre (to Kat): you’ve gone psycho. Kat’s elimination

Rob and Dave: Shake and Bake! (every bloody time! You can’t claim a catch phrase when you borrowed it from Talledega Nights!)

Emma (to Steve whilst holding a bottle of wine): I’ve handled many big boys. (Not the best pick up line really…)

Robert: You’d eat that off the bottom of your boot.

Vicki: This is up to you. I’m hopeless at dessert.

Selena: No you’re not… We both are.

kat my kitchen rules 2015My Kitchen Rules 2015 Key Points

Eva and Debra’s Pandan Brulee: It’s one thing to complain about a runny brulee but quite another to hold it over your head and pour it out onto the table. This was the humiliation Eva and Debra were subjected to in their first instant restaurant. Personally, I don’t think I could ever shame my host at a dinner party like this but man it would be fun to try.

Jac and Shaz’s Pear Crumble with lumps of Blue Cheese: Jac and Shaz were adamant that this dessert was a favourite amongst their friends and family. Well, they must be easily pleased or really polite because it everyone at their instant restaurant though it was on the nose.

Katie and Nikki’s Hash Brown’s in the Breville Toastie Maker: I was praying this would work so I could make hash browns in a flash myself at home and save myself a trip to Maccas in the morning. Turns out there is a reason nobody makes Hash Browns in a Toaster Maker.

My Kitchen Rules 2015 Character Notes

Rob Hemsworth seemed to cringe every time the subject of his famous  cousin, Hollywood star Chris Hemsworth, was mentioned but why did he think the producers chose him to be on the show in the first place? It certainly wasn’t for his bubbly personality…

The whole of Australia has fallen in love with Will and it all began when he gave Lynne a hug during her Instant Restaurant. After hitting rock bottom (no thanks to her useless husband Tony who wanted to save time by using the microwave) Lynne began to cry. The other contestants around the table looked away akwardly but Will consoled her by giving her a big hug. (He also hugged Steve at every given opportunity – The Will and Steve mancrush

Ash and Camilla seemed determined to live up to their Posh Melbournite personas by serving copious amounts of lobster at every opportunity. They must now begin paying this off in installments until 2019. more on the posh ladies here

What did you make of My Kitchen Rules? What key moments have I missed from 2015? Leave a comment below…


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