Why your Nan would bomb on My Kitchen Rules

I don’t think I’ve heard worse advice than Manu telling Sheri and Emilie to cook the way their Grandma’s would cook this week. It’s sweet that they love their Nans and all but if they cook like them on My Kitchen Rules, they’ll go out in straight sets. Can you imagined how much your Nan would struggle in Kitchen HQ?

Asian flavours
How would Pete and Manu score your Nan when the only Asian dish she cooks is ‘Chop Suey’, consisting, largely of shredded cabbage and beef mince?

Nan’s pretty limited in this department because the only spices she has in her pantry are nutmeg and Keen’s curry powder.

Cookbooks often refer to things like ‘Mrs Butterworth’s Pumpkin scones’ and that’s because Nan’s were only expected to have one specialty dish. If Mrs Butterworth is coming for afternoon tea you know what she’s going to bring.

Forget about Spatchcock and Venison. Nan cooks Lamb or Beef (chicken for birthdays and special occasions).

Nan only knows one way to cook veggies and that’s within an inch of their lives. Mine drops them into boiling water for 45 minutes or until all colour and crunch is gone.

Pete and Manu would love your Nan’s apple pie but would they be able to cope with cream that wasn’t quenelled? ‘Cos Nan serves ‘dollops’.

Nan can whip up a meal from things in her pantry and her grocery bill is typically under $20. Coles would not support ‘Granny cooking’.

Competition dishes take at least 90 minutes to prepare and you need to cook three courses but your Nan likes to have dinner out of the way in time for Deal Or No Deal.

What does your Nan cook that would score a big fat zero on My Kitchen Rules? leave a comment below…


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