That’s a wrap. Maybe.

I’ve been contemplating this article for some time. Too soon? Too shocking? But as the saying goes, “the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”. So at great personal risk, I’m going to weigh into the Glad Wrap debate.

It seems even thinking about this topic makes me a smug, privileged white person who should really get a case of ebola or win an Academy Award. On the other hand, to pretend that I too was not annoyed by the relocation of the cutting blade in the new glad wrap dispenser seems disingenuous. And to suggest that the rituals of daily life are unworthy of consideration and discussion potentially because they are either performed predominantly by women or are not sufficiently interesting to warrant being discussed alongside columns dedicated to men with bizarre head injuries is frankly irritating.

We’re moving.

No such note from the folks at Glad Wrap, no time for us to update our address books. This move was sprung on an unsuspecting public right at peak wrapping time: Christmas. Long known for its delicious left-overs we were all at sea with this new left handed wrapping apparatus. It seems that due to some Texas Chainsaw Massacre style Glad Wrap injuries pre-2015, the Marketing Team thought it wise to move the new glad wrap dispenser cutting blade from the outside of the box to the inside of the lid. Steve-o from Logistics thought it was a shit move but no one cared what he thought.

As many people inside my computer have commented, the change has resulted in quite a few metres of the stuff being sworn at and then thrown in the bin. “I’m irate that something so simple has been made so difficult,” said one Northern Territory resident who didn’t wish to be named for security reasons. When assured of her anonymity, she went on “This will make food prep time-consuming, tedious and frustrating.” As someone who has always found food prep to be time consuming and tedious, I’m panicked.

Their Facebook page is full of criticism for the ‘new and sort of worse’ Glad Wrap but I was more disturbed that inanimate plastic wraps have Facebook pages with 34,000 ‘likes’. It seems theirs is full of handy hints and tricks such as ‘Pop your phone in a zip lock bag to take it to the beach’ which they then qualify will not actually keep it dry.

The lovely folks at Glad now seem to have a case of the old ‘Gee-I thought-I-was-better-off-without-him-and-now-I-hear-from-my friends-how-good-we-were-together-and-I’m-starting-to-doubt-my-original-decision-to-break-up-with-him’ or in their words they’re “taking the current feedback concerning the new glad wrap dispenser cutter bar location very seriously and this is currently under review.” Phew, for a minute there I thought they’d f@#ked up.


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