Nick Kyrgios profile

Name: Nick Kyrgios

Nickname: Special K

Distinguishing Features: 90’s rapper haircut – 0.5 on the sides, long on top.

Weapons: Monster serve, mad as a cut snake

Likeability: Theatrical but abrasive.

Famous Quote: ‘Turn your f@#king phone off man!’

Bruce McAvaney’s description: ‘He’s like an unbroken colt’.

Greatest Accomplishment: Avenging Hewitt’s loss in the 2015 Australian Open by smashing Andreas Seppi in the round of 16.

Likes: Partying with his homies on Hisense Arena

Dislikes: Playing in front of Corporate fat cats on Rod Laver Arena.

Next opponent: Andy Murray. Murray has described Kyrgios as ‘unpredictable’ and ‘entertianing’. (Pretty much the opposite to Murray). Read my previous critique of Andy Murray’s new ‘logo’ for more…

Tennis Pedigree: Born of a long line of Australian tennis players who were battlers Wally Masur (a bit crap), Pat Rafter (injury prone), Lleyton Hewitt (too short)

Little Known Fact: Actually cranks The Seekers through his headphones when walking onto court.

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