We all wanna be Ninja Turtles

I saw the Ninja Turtles movie last night and I was pumped. It rekindled fond childhood memories of learning all the words to Partners in Kryme’s T.U.R.T.L.E Power rap and it reminded me that we all want to be Ninja turtles. ‘Stuff it’ I thought. ‘I am a Ninja turtle’.

As soon as I got home I emailed Leonardo, Michaelangelo and Donatello to organise the golf trip to New Zealand we’d been discussing for years. Four awesome dudes taking on the totally bodacious course at Kauri Cliffs on the North Island.

Now that I’m in the grips of Turtle mania again (perhaps it never left me), I watched one of the old cartoons on TV today and wondered ‘why does it still resonate so loudly with me?’ The cartoon itself  was utterly woeful. The story and script was horrible and the animation was rubbish (although perhaps par for the course in it’s era. I don’t recall He-Man being the Pixar gold standard we demand today). Still, I was captivated.

The idea of a bunch of mates with endless amounts of time and no commitments sucks me in. That was first year Uni for me. No financial concerns because you’re still living at home, no expectations and endless amounts of time and energy. It was having a game of indoor soccer and then getting a Slurpee at 7/11 and chatting with my compadres until 3AM. Good times.

The Turtles make it look easy. But how did they get all that state of the art monitoring equipment set up in the sewers? Where does the pizza money come from? Staying a Ninja Turtle in the real world is hard… The golf weekend got the kybosh before it even began. Leonardo had a wedding to go to Cup weekend and couldn’t get a leave pass. Totally Bogus… but I’m not giving up that easily. I will reschedule the golf trip. After all, the Turtle Mantra dictates ‘when you’re in trouble, don’t give in and go sour. Try to rely on your Turtle Power’.


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