The NRL grand final insurance policy

The Melbourne/ Sydney rivalry seems only to exist in the minds of Melburnians these days. Sydneysiders never seem to fussed about whose state is superior anymore (probably because theirs clearly is), Queenslanders have better things to do. The AFL/ NRL rivalry is over too. We all have our a team to follow in each code these days and everyone agrees that more sport to watch on TV is a good thing. I, for one, welcome the ushering in of a new era of bi partisan football watching. Frankly, the NRL grand final saved me from total disappointment this weekend after the AFL’s showcase event failed to deliver.

The NRL Grand Final coverage featured Cold Chisel reeling off a series of classics before the game kicked off. The iconic Aussie pub rock band of the last 40 years (along with AC/DC who are always too busy) performing their anthems. Everyone loved it. Why would you book anyone else? Later, the North Queensland Cowboys won their first NRL premiership in the most dramatic way imaginable. I’m convinced I’ll never see a more dramatic NRL grand final in my lifetime. The Cowboys quite literally tied the game with seconds remaining on the clock. Jonathon Thurston’s conversion attempt brushed the upright soon after, taking the game to golden point where, finally, he seized the moment. Bill Shakespeare could not have written it any better.

What a welcome relief from the previous days debarcle; the AFL Grand Final which started with Chris Isaak yodelling and never really improved from there. Some lip synching pop star from the UK followed (‘it was only a backing track’… yeah, yeah, sure it was) and the game itself was a farce. Surely even Hawthorn fans are sick of the teams dominance by now. I had a BBQ at my place and nobody even watched the last quarter…

As an AFL man who grew up going the MCG and Waverley Park, I was thankful to have the NRL as an insurance policy this weekend.

Did you do an AFL/ NRL grand final double this weekend? What did you think of them both? Leave a comment below…


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