Procrastinators – online course

Can’t escape that feeling that there’s something else you really should be doing?

You’re passionate about you project but somehow trip over and end up watching two seasons of the Golden Girls instead of working at what you love. You’re not lazy or unmotivated, you’re just a procrastinator and it’s curable.

That was us. we got so sick of it that we decided to get together and figure out the antidote.

‘Shut up and take my email address’

If you feel like you’re procrastinating, it’s because there’s something else you’re supposed to be doing and we both know, until you go do that thing, you’ll never be satisfied. That’s why you need our online course – ‘Stop procrastinating, start creating’.

Stop procrastinating, start creatingWe’ll show you why you procrastinate, help you plan against it and, most importantly, remind you that being creative is brilliantly fun.

“It’s amazing how much I can get done in the 30 minutes that used to be taken up by watching Dr Pimple Popper everyday” Kate Evans.

‘In the fullness of time, I have come to see the merits of this course. Send me the first lesson for free’



  1. Receive the first of six tasks via email.
  2. Email us your responses directly so we can keep you on track
  3. click a link after you complete each task and receive our ‘coaches notes’ for reflection.
  4. Check your inbox the following day for your next task.
  5. Join our private facebook group along with a small number of other procrastinators where we will discuss our progress.
  6. Print and frame an arbitrary graduation certificate

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