Queen Victoria Night Market Mozza

Wednesday night was a near perfect summer evening in Melbourne. My Greek neighbour George was sitting in his front yard drinking iced coffee, people were walking the streets eating ice cream. If I’m honest, I knew the Queen Victoria Night Market was gonna be packed… but I couldn’t resist.

My gripe with food markets in Melbourne is that they’re all just a bit too good. If the standard of food was just a little less excellent, there would be less queuing and I may have been able to find somewhere to sit and enjoy my food on wednesday night. The night noodle market in the city was no different. You need to choose your food carefully because it can be quite a while before you actually get your hands on it.

File_000I chose poorly. I was seduced by a giant ball of mozzarella, slowly being tortured over hot coals by a large man in an apron. Look at the picture and tell me you wouldn’t have ordered it too. This slab of fried cheese put me directly into a food coma (and probably took six months off my life expectancy). Good though it was… it robbed me of the capacity to try everything else on offer at the Queen Victoria Night Market. To be honest, there is so much good food there, a certain amount of #FOMO is inevitable.

wonderbaoI recovered briefly from my food coma to eat these two Wonderbaos (before relapsing). They were incredible. I couldn’t talk Ange into having one with me but I did have to insist that she touch the outside of them to experience how soft the dough was. They were like pillows. Soft, delicious pillows.

donutsI also have a photo of two donuts here but I don’t remember eating them. To be honest, I’m still trying to piece fragments of the night together.

What did you queue up for? Leave a comment below…

The Queen Victoria Night Market runs every wednesday night until March 30 2016. For more photos, check out the Hash It Out facebook page.


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