Queenstown winery bike tour

One of the best days I spent in New Zealand was winery hopping on a Queenstown winery bike tour… and no, I didn’t fall off.

On the Gibbston Wine Valley bike tour with Around The Basin you get to sample some excellent wine, take in the incredible scenery and if you upgrade to an electric bike, you won’t won’t even finish the day with tired muscles.

The ride begins in Arrowtown (a 15 minute shuttle bus ride from Queenstown). It’s a cute, historic town which kind of feels like a Wild West theme park. I ordered a coffee and went into the lolly shop to buy a chocolate bars for the ride ahead. I overheard the owner of the lolly shop telling a new employee that there’s a discount for locals. ‘How do I know if they’re locals?’ she asked. ‘you’ll know’ was her boss’ reply. If you’re like me, you’ll take this as a challenge to practice your best Kiwi accent and get 10 per cent off your Snickers…

If you upgrade to an E Bike (electronic) the ride is a doddle. I tried not to use the electronic assistance for the first 10 kms or so but in the end, couldn’t resist the extra push along as I peddled. On the hills, it felt like a nitro boost. If you’re any kind of cyclist, I feel your judgement. And yeah, the trail is relatively flat but if sampling wine is more your thing – go the E Bike!

One track takes you along a really scenic journey dotted with several wineries. You’ll be on and off the bike to take photos at the suspension bridge and to watch the bungee jumpers at Shotover canyon. I took this as an opportunity to enjoy my snickers and listen to the cries of terror.

At Gibbton Valley winery, there’s cheese too! If you’re hungry, order the cheese platter – 5 different types of cheese. Way too much for a party of two but if you shut off the electronic assistance for your next stint on the bike you’ll work it off.

Have you done the Gibbston Valley winery bike tour? What was the best part? Leave a comment below…


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