Australia is RedFoo’s dirty little secret

When Redfoo was introduced on X Factor tonight, I noticed a twitter super came up on the screen but it didn’t have his twitter handle, it said #KangaFoo. I wondered why he wouldn’t want people discussing the show using his official twitter handle @RedFoo. Then it hit me… X Factor is RedFoo’s dirty little secret. He doesn’t want his friends at home to know what he’s up to.

During my gap year in Japan, I got offered a job handing cigarettes in a nightclub in a white suit. The hours were good and so was the money. I considered whether or not to take the job over a few days. There was no need to feel embarrassed, I would not bump into anyone I knew. My peers would not be able to judge me. It could be my dirty little secret… In the end, I spoke to Mum on the phone and she talked me out of it. ‘You shouldn’t be encouraging people to smoke’ she said. She was right.

I wonder if the Madden Brothers pondered the same conundrum when KFC asked them to shoot some fried chicken commercials with Michael Slater in 2012. Could they endorse a company with a dubious reputation for the ethical treatment of animals when their Good Charlotte colleague Billy Martin had previously been named PETA’s vegetarian of the year? Why not? They’re in Australia. Who’s going to find out at home?

RedFoo is the son of Motown Record Company founder Berry Gordy, Jr. Did he worry his serious Motown credability would be damaged by endorsing a talent show that attempts to turn bad karaoke singers into overnight superstars? Well, who’s going to know? Nobody watches Australian TV in LA and by operating under the code name ‘KangaFoo’, his twitter followers need never find out.

It all makes perfect sense now. We’ve become the equivalent of the Japanese advertising industry for these American celebrities.


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