Ribbon sandwich

One thing I’ve learnt as a film maker without a budget is that catering can make a cast and crew magically materialise. I’ve been successfully using my Mum’s ribbon sandwiches to manipulate friends for years and I’ve never been short of extras or a boom operator yet. Next time you need some volunteers try my Mum’s version of a club sandwich – the ribbon sandwich.

ribbon sandwich socialRibbon Sandwich

Layer 1 – Devilled ham

Also known as Peck’s Paste. It’s a spread, kind of like pate, that holds together better than shaved ham.

Layer 2 – gerkin spread and grated cheese

Find a jar of gerkin spread and combine with some grated tasty cheese.

Layer 3 – Curried Egg

Soft boil 3 eggs (4 mins) then mash them up with a fork. Add half a teaspoon of curry powder and season with salt and pepper. (If the eggs are still a bit runny, finish them off in the microwave).

ribbon sandwich layersexpert mode

– ask the bakery to put the loaf through the slicer vertically to make prep easier

– for American friends, add an extra layer with poached chicken and mayonnaise.

what do you think of my Mum’s ribbon sandwich combo? Do you have a layered sandwich of your own you use to manipulate friends? Leave a comment below…


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